Even though our Queer Comics Project class isn’t running this semester at the California College of the Arts, I had to post this! This is a mini-comic made by Yssa, an extremely talented CCA animation student, for the Graphic Novel Workshop class I’m currently teaching. It’s a moving document of queer love and loss, and a remarkable first comic by a remarkable woman.



Here’s the mini-comic we had to do for our Graphic Novel class! 

It was very cathartic making this because it was about something extremely personal and sensitive to me and a lot of other people around me. Making this actually helped me come to my own conclusion/closure, and it just really stresses how much art means to me as a means of expression and outlet. 

Therefore, please do not use or steal without my consent!

I hope you enjoy this (:


[ This March marks one year since she’s been gone.

After one year, perhaps it’s finally time to put these dreams to rest.

Not because I don’t love her. 
She is still amazing and wonderful, a beauty in my mind.

But only in my mind.

She’s become a memory I desperately cling to when the loneliness sets in.

She was meant for more than that.